#WhimWord: Leaf

Her friends complained. Her parents nagged. But she did keep a job, if nothing else. She was fine, and she said it frequently enough to convince herself, if not others. No veiled recommendations or blatant admonishments penetrated her fog of routine.

But one evening, retracing the daily path, she heard the leaves crunch.

Beneath her feet, obscuring the concrete, was a blanket of gold, cadmium, and vermilion that taunted the limitations of language. The crisp air stung her lungs. Her knit scarf soothed the wind’s bite.

She hadn’t noticed, but something broke her, to let such miracles go unnoticed.


#WhimWord: Glow

After three hours of driving on the snaking mountain highways–away from the responsibilities and expectations and noise that crowded life on the plains in the city–the air became thinner, cleaner, and clearer.

The final length tested the limits of the town car; roads were pockmarked with the scars of winters past; slopes were steeper and longer than seemed reasonable; towns were gone in the blink of an eye. Continue reading #WhimWord: Glow

#WhimWord: Anachorism

Recognizing Anachoristic Identity Confusion (AIC): A Case Study by Dr. Fisch

Patients with AIC often present a pervasive indifference to life making it difficult to differentiate from other depressive disorders. Since AIC is unrelated to hormone levels, prescribing anti-depressants does not relieve the symptoms, and frequently exacerbates them.

To accurately diagnose AIC, patients should be interviewed extensively about their emotional responses to different aspects of their life in order to determine the root of a patients depressive moods.

AIC most commonly presents in patients who have been stationary their entire life.

Case Study: M. Tilney Continue reading #WhimWord: Anachorism

#WhimWord: Bustle

Marching Orders for CHIRM

Mission Class: H – F.C.R.

Littleton Colorado, Annual Summer Festival of the Arts, 16 September 1997, 13:28

Subject: 2′ 9” Female, curly reddish hair, flowered shirt, affinity for pinwheels. 

No wings or halos–that’s C and above stuff. That day it got sneakers, jeans, and a t-shirt–much more comfortable for observing. Continue reading #WhimWord: Bustle