#SmallTales: Bluff

Another productive day, the sun scorches his retinas through his eyelids and brings him from Resting into New Potential.

In the carefully calculated route, he moves from the bedroom, to the bathroom, ending in the kitchen, where he fixes his Nutritious Breakfast in exactly nine minutes and thirteen seconds, and then consumes it in five minutes and forty-seven seconds, using the allotted fifteen minutes exactly.

The precisely choreographed routine brings every citizen to Designated Work without traffic or delay–not a moment wasted.

At his desk he checks the clock–nine o’ clock. He smiles and begins: “Welcome to Desert Bluffs!”


Welcome to Night Vale Live Show

Last night, I made the irresponsible decision to venture 2 hours away to the Welcome to Night Vale live show in Philadelphia (or more accurately, small suburb outside of Philadelphia).

Even though it severely cut into my sleep, and even though I still had to be at school this morning at 7:30 am, and even though the car ride was cramped and uncomfortable, I would repeat every moment without question.

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