Looking Back and Forward

Revisiting my undergrad for Homecoming confronted me with the reality that I am a college graduate. Wandering through the library (one of the things I miss most aside from the people and where I spent the majority of my time) simultaneously felt like being home again, and like I did not belong anymore. Continue reading Looking Back and Forward


#WhimWord: Bustle

Marching Orders for CHIRM

Mission Class: H – F.C.R.

Littleton Colorado, Annual Summer Festival of the Arts, 16 September 1997, 13:28

Subject: 2′ 9” Female, curly reddish hair, flowered shirt, affinity for pinwheels. 

No wings or halos–that’s C and above stuff. That day it got sneakers, jeans, and a t-shirt–much more comfortable for observing. Continue reading #WhimWord: Bustle

A Year with Gamut

Almost exactly a year ago, a friend mentioned that the Harrisburg Shakespeare Company, that I’d only vaguely heard mentioned, was doing a free performance of Antony and Cleopatra. I may have only seen a smidgen over the first half due to a thunderstorm, but in those 80 minutes, Gamut Theatre Group–and all the lovely people within it–caught my attention and my heart.

Continue reading A Year with Gamut

#SmallTales: Candle

The worst part wasn’t the nudity, or costly refurnishing. The worst part was the constant retelling…

During a tour of the house: Our bathroom is the most recently updated, because one time Edmund was doing his business…

While looking at photo albums: … and he brought a book to pass the time…

Or randomly at meals: He didn’t realize Dad lit a candle on the back of the toilet. When he put his reading behind him to finish up, it caught and he screamed and ran out with his trousers around his ankles and a trail of burning toilet paper!