Cats and Dogs and #NotAllMen

Dear Man Who Catcalled Me,

Yes, I heard you.

I heard you the first time you said I was “looking good,” so there was no need to repeat yourself with increased volume. I thought my intentional indifference and quickened pace would let you know that I did not find your words flattering, but you still insisted on telling me how “fine” I was and that you “loved” me. Continue reading Cats and Dogs and #NotAllMen


Wearing Rainbow Tinted Glasses

When I saw that SCOTUS legalized marriage for everyone, a smile broke across my face. I read the tweets documenting this historical moment with glee and pride. But, even though I retweeted a good amount, I didn’t tweet anything of my own. My profile picture remained clear of a rainbow filter.

As you might know, I am a christian, and come from a conservative home. Despite all the ways that my family and church experience does not conform with stereotypes, there are those in my circle that do not view the verdict with a smile. Mostly though, we avoid the subject. Continue reading Wearing Rainbow Tinted Glasses

Treasure Island by NTLive

In the recent stage production of Treasure Island by The National Theatre, Jim was a young girl (played by brilliant Patsy Ferran), rather than a young boy. She had the same desire for adventure, same loyalty for her family, and same wonderful spunk, but was just a she. The other characters did not ignore that she was girl, but the action and dialogue of the play addressed it.

Continue reading Treasure Island by NTLive