Consummatum Est: Blackfriars Conference 2015

My room is a mess. I need a shower. All my clothes are dirty. I’m avoiding homework like the plague. Blackfriars Conference is over. Continue reading Consummatum Est: Blackfriars Conference 2015


Wearing Rainbow Tinted Glasses

When I saw that SCOTUS legalized marriage for everyone, a smile broke across my face. I read the tweets documenting this historical moment with glee and pride. But, even though I retweeted a good amount, I didn’t tweet anything of my own. My profile picture remained clear of a rainbow filter.

As you might know, I am a christian, and come from a conservative home. Despite all the ways that my family and church experience does not conform with stereotypes, there are those in my circle that do not view the verdict with a smile. Mostly though, we avoid the subject. Continue reading Wearing Rainbow Tinted Glasses

Summer Reading: Searching for Sunday

Reading the introduction, this book scared me. Within the opening pages, Rachel Held Evans captured my doubts, fears, and hurts regarding church and God more succinctly and confidently than I ever could.

Reading this book has held a mirror up to my own life (spiritual and secular), and while I have not always liked or understood what it has shown me, it is a reflection I need to examine.

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