(Re)Search Update

Hello Friends!

I am learning exciting things and while I am proud to that I am documenting them in a properly-MLA-formatted annotated bibliography, I wanted to document them here for anyone who might be curious about textbook printing practices in America at the start of the 20th century and how it pertains to Shakespeare. Continue reading (Re)Search Update


Baccalaureate Speech: Identity

I was asked to speak at my baccalaureate speech at Messiah College for the graduating class of 2015. Some people have expressed interest in having a copy of my speech, so I decided this was as good a place as any to post it! Enjoy:

In recent months, I’ve noticed a common term cropping up in articles and books (and baccalaureate speeches) geared towards my demographic: the quarter-life crisis. And that term seems to encapsulate the identity crisis most of us feel on the brink of. To compensate, quizzes clog our newsfeeds offering to figure out what color we are and what our name means and which character from that cult classic film we should date. In 140 characters, we announce to the world what we are thinking, and we broadcast our adventures—whether they are running a marathon or marathoning a TV show—through Instagram. I will admit, I carefully tailor my different social media accounts—Facebook, Twitter, and blog—to appeal to the people that frequent them. On those platforms, I craft my identity: I choose exactly who sees what and where and when as well as what filter or hashtag accompanies it.

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Welcome to Night Vale Live Show

Last night, I made the irresponsible decision to venture 2 hours away to the Welcome to Night Vale live show in Philadelphia (or more accurately, small suburb outside of Philadelphia).

Even though it severely cut into my sleep, and even though I still had to be at school this morning at 7:30 am, and even though the car ride was cramped and uncomfortable, I would repeat every moment without question.

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