Like a Pro(crastinator)

One month of the summer has slipped by and I have accomplished nothing, more or less.

As far as my thesis research, I have gotten really good at carrying impressive books in my bag without ever opening them.

As far as my personal health, my yoga mat remains rolled up in the corner where I put it when I moved into this house.

As far as my creative endeavors, one page of my sketchbook has new scrawlings.

To be fair to myself, I have worked at my jobs a good deal, and taken up horseback riding, and observed hours upon hours of rehearsal (and performance) at the ASC. But I could (and should) be accomplishing so much more with my summer.

When considering all the things I need to do, I have tried to reframe my goals to motivate myself: imaging my professor’s disappoint at my lack of progress, thinking about the future job market, envisioning the path to my long term goals, focusing on inspiring and challenging people around me–none of the above has been effective at inspiring me to get up and go.

I think my problem is that I am a creature of habits, and right now my habits are terribly unproductive.

So I need to change them, now.

Hence, I am getting off of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a while after today (June 26th). Unfortunately during the school year social media becomes a necessary evil for communication’s sake, but over the summer I can easily forego it.

If you need to get a hold of me, use my e-mail or cell phone. I will still keep my Facebook up and use its messenger as well.

I might use this blog more, so you can stay tuned here if you really need updates on my life. Or come get coffee with me, or call me on the phone, or send me a letter. Because I would LOVE any of those things.

Wish me luck friends.


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