Summer Reading: This Book is Over Due

Confession time: I’m terribly tempted not to return the book, have it become over due, just so I can have this conversation with the workers at the library:

Me: Can you tell me what books I still have out?

Worker: “This Book is Over Due”

Me: I know, but can you tell me which one?

It’d be a riot. Anyways, about the content of the book…

It’s lovely! Aside from my love of reading, I have a deep affection for libraries and those who maintain them. Some of my fondest memories from college are set in the library, and since I worked there for four years, there are a lot of them.

In her writing, Marilyn Johnson covers the huge range of libraries–from the stately New York City Public Library to the cyber libraries curated in the digital realm of Second Life. Johnson firmly establishes the important function libraries form currently, and assures readers of their place in the future. However, she also uncovers troubling trends along with the inspiring developments.

As someone with plenty of library experience and love, this book was a joy to read. Engaging, amusing, informative, and even a little bit inspiring.


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