#SmallTales: Inheritance – Video

The swell folks of #SmallTales made a video for my entry:

How splendid is that?!


#Smalltales: Gutter

She missed the turn onto her street. It was understandable; not only was the street sign gone, but so was the house with the ghost in the attic and the convenience store where soda was only eighty-five cents and the tree she fell out of, breaking a tooth—all gone.

Standing where her mailbox should have been, she broke. In the street where she had learned to ride a bike—now filled with sludge and debris, reduced to a fourteen foot wide gutter—she couldn’t see stars. The storm clouds weren’t gone and the tears wouldn’t stop.

Treasure Island by NTLive

In the recent stage production of Treasure Island by The National Theatre, Jim was a young girl (played by brilliant Patsy Ferran), rather than a young boy. She had the same desire for adventure, same loyalty for her family, and same wonderful spunk, but was just a she. The other characters did not ignore that she was girl, but the action and dialogue of the play addressed it.

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#Smalltales: FUME

The fumes didn’t stop him, nor did the dim lighting or throbbing music or sweaty bodies swaying and twitching. Guided by familiarity and purpose, he found the bathroom in the back of the house, where the music could be felt more than it could be heard. Crumpled on the floor, phone in hand, was his little brother.

Not little anymore, in age or experience.

A splash of water revived him enough to stand, to hobble, with some help. No words, no apologies, no forgiveness—unnecessary. Just back through the crowd, the music, and out of the fumes.